Maru declares war on criminals

Yangoru-Saussia MP and Minister for National Planning, Richard Maru, has declared war on all criminals in his district.

This follows the murder of a bus driver on the Sepik Highway last Thursday. 

Maru made the declaration in a media conference today.

The Minister said his district will not tolerate further criminal behaviour in his district and has issued a warning to criminal elements.

Criminal activity has heightened, especially along the Sepik Highway, and the recent death of a bus driver has signalled the need for a hard handed response.

"We will not tolerate armed criminals and gangs who are carrying out this violent trend of behaviour and creating disharmony in the community. All criminal elements are now warned that the special police operations will weed out those responsible for the recent murder, as well as all other previous roadblocks and armed holdups along the Sepik Highway.

"The Sepik Highway is a national highway and gangs who continue to terrorise the travelling public will be arrested and dealt with accordingly. Mark my word, we will do everything to put an end to this lawlessness," stated Maru.

He said funding has been made available for a special mobile squad and four CID investigators to be deployed this weekend and hunt down and arrest the perpetrators.

He has called on families of the perpetrators of crimes committed along the highway to bring them forward.

He has called on the people to rise up and work together to bring those responsible for criminal activity along the highway to be prosecuted.

The Minister has also commended locals in villages along the highway for apprehending three individuals involved in criminal activities.

Cedric Patjole