Marape: Exit of MPs a Blessing in Disguise

Prime Minister James Marape early today (Sunday 26th May) addressed the recent departure of 18 MPs, including five ministers from the PANGU Pati camp on Saturday (May 25) night, as a “blessing in disguise.”

“A few hours ago, I received news that 18 MPs, including five ministers, have left Government to join up with the Opposition,” Prime Minister Marape said. “In some ways, this is a blessing in disguise for me that some of the excess fat in government is trimmed so that we can have a lean and coherent government.

“I thank those who were part of my government and appreciate their support for me until their departure on their own accord and I wish them well.

PM Marape says this is a play for a vote-of-no-confidence, and has wished them (MPs) well to assemble an alternative team and policy series that hopefully can do better for PNG than his PANGU and coalition team.

“I want to ask all Papua New Guineans to respect leaders as they make their choices and ply their trade. “Leaders are elected by their people and they have their rights to associate with leaders of like mind. “As others have moved, I received calls from 41 PANGU MPs, and all our coalition party leaders and members, indicating their support.”

Prime Minister Marape noted that PANGU had increased its numbers from 39 seats won in the 2022 National General Election to 59. “I was extremely privileged that 97 MPs voted for me to be prime minister again in August 2022,” he said.

“Since then, we have always had a very big government with many different interests. “On Thursday, May 30, 2024, I will compare statistics of the economy, education, health, infrastructure, and law and justice sectors so the nation can know what we have done in the last five hard years. “If someone who can do the job better than me ascends, then I shall be content.

“May God’s will be done for our country and I ask all our people to treat all leaders kindly as they process their thoughts on national leadership and national interests.”

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