Marape calls for constructive dialogue

Prime Minister James Marape has expressed full commitment and support for the ongoing efforts by the Pacific Islands Forum to facilitate a constructive dialogue with Leaders from Micronesia.

To find a way forward through this current impasse, and restore the full solidarity of the Forum family.

“I was pleased to participate in the Opening Dialogue on 26 April 2021 and welcome the role entrusted on me as interlocutor for this process.”

“The Political Dialogue Mechanism is an opportunity for an honest political conversation with colleague Micronesian Leaders to discuss and work through the concerns that they have which has, consequently, led to the current fragmentation in our Forum family,” said Marape.

In its 50 year history, the Forum has faced a varied range of challenges as a collective.

“We have always worked through these challenges in our very own Pacific Way and this current impasse will be no different.

“I commend the Chair of the Forum for his ongoing efforts through this process, and most especially our brothers from Micronesia for their willingness to engage and work through these issues.

“I call on our Pacific people and Pacific Partners to respect the political process that is now in motion and await the outcomes that will emerge,” the Prime Minister said.

Freddy Mou