Manolos invites MSIL to roundtable

Manolos Aviation CEO, Captain Jurgen Ruh, has called for a meeting with the managing director of Morobe Sustainable Investment, Elizabeth Bradshaw.

Ruh says he wishes to put ‘matters on hand to rest’.

Three weeks have passed since the Morobe Sustainable Investment Ltd welded Manolos Aviation’s fuel depot gate shut.

With both firms at loggerheads over rental arrears and outstanding Morobe Provincial Government bills, Morobe’s rural women are suffering when the medivacs are disturbed.

In an effort to resolve the matter, Manolos CEO, Captain Jurgen Ruh, wrote to MSIL managing director, Elizabeth Bradshaw, to meet with them on Friday, December 4th, at 2pm at the Lae International Hotel.

“I’ve asked her to bring with her a reconciled account, I’ve asked her to bring the original title deed of section 363, lot 11, and I’ve asked her to also bring a copy of a court order which may exist, allowing her to restrict access to us and if that exists then we will, by ourselves, weld the gate again,” he said.

Ruh has also requested for a lease agreement where the name of the verified owner of the land is mentioned. He says they will raise payment and sign the new lease agreement once they are convinced that the Morobe government’s business arm is the correct owner of the area that Manolos occupies.  

Bradshaw, on the other hand, says they cannot attend as this matter is still in court, hence their lawyers have restrained her from meeting with Manolos.

Of small consolation is the guarantee by legal counsel Ralph Saulep that the gate will remain open until court proceedings have been concluded.

“We want Manolos to have unhindered operations,” he told media during a press conference yesterday.

(Manolos Aviation CEO, Captain Jurgen Ruh)

Carmella Gware