Manolos Aviation

Bradshaw threatens to sue ‘Mama Morobe’

Eight of Morobe’s women leaders, who call themselves Mama Morobe, forced open the gate to Manolos Aviation’s fuel depot after hearing of a baby’s death in rural Teptep.

The business arm of the Morobe Provincial Government allegedly locked Manolos Aviation’s fuel depot gate on Monday November 16th over claims of rental arrears.

Managing director, Bradshaw, said the lockout was consistent with a National Court order brought about by Manolos’ refusal to sign a new lease.

Morobean women ensured smooth medivac

The eight women used brute force to break open a welded gate for Manolos to access its fuel depot and smoothly conduct its operations.

The situation arose when the Morobe Sustainable Investment Ltd, a provincial government business arm, locked their main gate and welded the depot gate shut early this week over claims of rental arrears.

Fuel trucks and the Manolos ambulance drive into the MSIL premises to access the depot gate.

Manolos aviation helps YWAM restore sight

A local man, introducing himself as Steven, reported: “This is the first time we have seen a helicopter here in Bamio. It was an exciting day and we thank YWAM for coming.”

Manolos CEO and pilot, Jurgen Roh, landed the aircraft in the local elementary school ground to a throng of intrigued locals and the receiving YWAM crew.

“It was a long flight from Lae right across here to the border of Gulf and Western. The weather provided us some challenges but the mission was successfully completed,” said Roh.