Manam still not forgotten

This year will be 14 years since the Manam Volcano erupted in October 2004, leaving hundreds of Manam Islanders, villageless and homeless.

While they have been moved to a care centre, proper resettlement plans have been delayed for years.

And while that issue is yet to be resolved, the National Government now faces the same responsibility with the Kadovar Islanders in East Sepik Province.

While the National Disaster Centre scrambles to find alternatives and assistance to help the Kadovar Islanders, it is no secret that they are reminded of Manam Island and its non-concluding issues.

In numerous press conferences hosted by the National Disaster Centre and the Minister responsible for Disaster Management, Kevin Isifu, following the Kadovar Island eruption, Manam Island is also mentioned.   

It’s clear the Minister, who is also the member for Wewak does not want similar issues with Manam affect the Province’s and his District’s efforts in assisting the Kadovar Islanders.

However as the Minister responsible for Disaster Management, he also has the huge task of assisting his people of Kadovar and the outstanding issues of Manam Island.

Meanwhile, Martin Mose the Director National Disaster Office adds that the plan and experience used in addressing the Kadovar Islanders will be used as a model to relook at the Manam and assist them. 


Charmaine Poriambep