Man fined for bashing wife

A man has been put on good behaviour bond for the next three years after he pleaded guilty before the Waigani National Court to bashing his wife with a stool that left her with a broken arm in 2015.

Jacob Opa was ordered to pay a compensation of K500 to his wife and is to refrain from further assaulting her for the next three years or will face jail time.

The order came after the court suspended his three months jail term.

The case which arises from a domestic violence issue was dealt with by the court in 30 minutes after it took a year and four months to go for trial.

The matter came to the attention of the court on Wednesday after Opa was arrested by police early this month on a bench warrant at the Hohola police station.

 He was facing the charge of causing grievous bodily harm to his wife and chose to take a guilty plea when he appeared in court on Thursday.

He expressed remorse and apologised to the court for his actions which was caused from an element of provocation.

On July 30,2015, Opa had an argument with his wife and used a stool to bash her after she threw a betelnut husk in his eye.

He was arrested in October of 2015 and his case was committed to the National Court one year later.

Sally Pokiton