Madang launches Agriculture and Livestock partnership

Ramsey Pariwa, Governor for Madang, was thrilled to see people turn up in numbers to witness the launching of the partnership between the Agriculture and Livestock department and the provincial administration.

Governor Pariwa told the crowd gathered at the Ron Bates oval that this government sees so much potential in the Agriculture and Livestock industry that they can immensely benefit from.

The Madang Provincial Administration has allocated K1.2m to kickstart its downstream processing initiative with the livestock department. The abattoir in Sagalau will be upgraded to host a downstream processing facility for livestock in Madang Province.

The same is anticipated for all agricultural commodities such as coffee, coconut and cocoa.

Minister for Livestock, Sekie Agisa, clarified that the Livestock Development Corporation (LDC), who will be signing the Memorandum of Understanding with the provincial administration, is an entity within the Ministry of Livestock responsible for ensuring a check and balance in the industry.

Minister Agisa urged farmers to start planting cash crops, and raise livestock as the paradigm of development shifts with this first-of-its-kind initiative.

Governor Pariwa said the partnership will enable job opportunities, open markets and little people can put money into their pockets.

To end the launching, two new vehicles were handed over by governor Pariwa to support the work of the Agriculture and Livestock ministry in the province.

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