Madang Governor’s son killed

The son of a politician in Madang was killed on Sunday night.

Madang Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector Ben Neneo, confirmed the killing is yet to get a full report on the incident.

PPC Neneo further said police are yet to establish the motive behind the incident.

Meantime, the father of the deceased, Governor Peter Yama, has condemned the killing of his son.

He said the manner in which his son was killed was gruesome and he believed it was meant for him.

He added that his son, who was mentally unstable, did not deserve to be killed in such a manner.

Yama said police are investigating the incident and perpetrators will be arrested soon.

He said a lot of investigations regarding prominent leaders in the province have been continuing and claimed that such killing was some sort of ‘payback’ from the perpetrators.

“If they want to kill me, they must come to me and not my family.”

He added that the killing will not deviate him from continuing his work to clean Madang province.

The deceased is now at the Modilon Mortuary.

His throat was slashed and his stomach pierced by knives. He was then thrown into a river near a settlement in Madang town.

Freddy Mou