Locals frustrated with buai-related clashes

The betelnut-related incident which occurred along the Hiritano Highway in the Kairuku-Hiri district needs to be addressed immediately by relevant authorities.

This is the cry of the people from neighbouring Central villages who witnessed what they described as another unnecessary buai incident that disturbed their peace.

According to a villager from west Mekeo, a few days ago, a man from the Highlands region was allegedly killed in Kerema town, Gulf Province, whilst on a buai trade trip there.

Relatives of the man, in busloads, retaliated and attacked people along the highway to Kerema.

A man in Kerema town is reportedly nursing serious slash wounds.

In the process, another eyewitness said innocent people were attacked. It was said a woman from Nara, in the Kairuku district, was slashed. In retaliation, the community and nearby villages put up roadblocks.

However, the local said police were contacted yesterday.

Though situation is calm, locals remain unhappy and want this issue resolved.

This is not the first time an incident of this nature has happened.

“We have had enough,” he added. 



Imelda Wavik