Leaders ordered to compensate MP

The Nokon Village Court in Namatanai District has ordered two men to compensate Namatanai MP Walter Schnaubelt and Matalai Local Level Government President Augustine Topi, after finding them guilty of verbal abuse of the two mandated leaders in public.

The court has given them until October 30, to pay up through a traditional ceremony. 

Chairman and magistrate of area one in Matalai Local Level Government Apiroi Joseph, and Tekedan Ward 4 magistrate Lusana Misialir Ludwick presided over the case in Nokon Village. Both made the ruling based on the village court’s decisions as well as traditional custom. 

Magistrate Joseph explained that the village court decision was for one of the defendants to compensate K400, the other K200, and a shell money each and a pig worth K600. 

The decision by the traditional custom mediation was that the two defendants pay a shell money each, K500 cash, bag rice each and two baskets of kaukau. 

The Nokon Village court heard that on September 16 this year the two accused had openly used abusive language against Minister Schnaubelt and Mr Topi in reference to custom work to mark the death and funeral of a relative. 

The two accused admitted to the court that they had sworn at the two leaders; one of accused was under the influence of alcohol and said he couldn’t recall what he had said. 

According to eyewitness accounts, both defendants had sworn called the leaders names. 

Chairman Joseph warned the people of Nokon not to provoke or revive the problem after the court has handed down its decision. 

He said anyone who tries to provoke the matter would be charged K500 for breaching the decision of the village court. 

“The decision of the court today is in the hands of the law meaning that after this hearing it is against the law to provoke or revive this problem. 

“I am putting a K500 charge against anyone who breaches the law, whoever in Nokon wants to revive this problem after the decision had been handed down will face the consequences. 

“I have the right to impose this preventive order and if it relates to what we have resolved here today, I will charge you K500,” Joseph said.

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