Late MP flown home

The body of late Middle Fly MP, Roy Biyama was flown to his home province on Monday. Prime Minister James Marape accompanied Late Biyama’s body home, in the company of several Government leaders.

In a brief speech at the Fly River Provincial Assembly, the Prime Minister acknowledged the contributions of the Late MP, to Papua New Guinea.

Biyama, aged 54, was four-term Middle Fly MP since 2002 and a member of PM Marape’s ruling PANGU Pati. He passed away on September 12, 2021.

He was farewelled in Parliament last week with glowing tributes from fellow MPs.

Marape apologised to the people of Middle Fly, and Western, that he could not deliver the body home to Balimo.

“On behalf of the people of Papua New Guinea, we would like to pay respect to him (Biyama) for the services rendered to our country,” he said.

“He was a gentle guy who talked less, but worked hard for the country, worked hard for his people, worked hard for his family.

“He worked hard all the way to his passing.”

Marape said he had asked Biyama to rest from his work, after he had fallen ill, but the Middle Fly MP continued to work until his passing.

He added that a classic example of this was the recent Porgera landowners’ meeting in Wabag, where Biyama accompanied the Western Governor and South Fly MP to express concerns about tailings being dumped into Lake Murray, Strickland River and Fly River.

“This is testament of a leader who worked all the way, and sacrificed himself, for the betterment of his people and his country.

“I came here, representing the greater people of our country, to pay respect to this giant of a man, humble as he was, whose heart was in the right place, serving his people until his passing.

“We may not adequately fill in the vacuum at his home, his tribe, his district and his province, and his network of friends throughout the country.”

Freddy Mou