Lands Minister intent on changing perceptions

The Lands Minister has once again stressed on the need to change people’s perception of his department.

Minister Justin Tkatchenko made this known during the swearing-in of the Central Province Land Board on December 11th.

Tkatchenko did not defend the Lands Department, instead saying that the label of most corrupt department was not far from the truth.

However, as the new minister, he aims to change that by putting the right people in place as well as the right processes and reforms to change the department once and for all.

Tkatchenko further highlighted a challenge within the Lands Department, and that is the issue of Incorporated Land Groups, or ILGs.

“But if we get it right, we will have much more easier dealings with our landowners than ever before. So we get all our ILGs registered; we don’t deal with individuals from different clans.

“We work with the clans to register their ILGs and deal solely with those selected officials from the ILGs to survey their land and secure their land now and forever.”

The Minister advised that a summit will be hosted in April where leaders nationwide are expected to provide quality input and be part of a legislation to ensure customary landowners are safe and secure with their rights protected.

(Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko)

Carmella Gware