Land compulsory acquired due to “over sight”

The Lands Department will carry out a compulsory acquisition over a portion of land in Port Moresby where a developer has encroached over a water way and drainage area.

Lands Minister, Benny Allan, announced today that a portion of the land, which is opposite the Star Mountain Plaza development, will be acquired claiming it is a oversight by the local municipal Government.

The compulsory acquisition came into affect as of yesterday on Section 17 Allotment 13 along the Hohola Freeway which is currently leased to developers, TJ Homes.

Minister Allan said the move was necessary after failure by the National Capital District Commission Physical Planning Board to asses the proposed development which did not consider the drainage into its plans.

He was quick to clarify that their role stopped at the issue of titles and not approval of building plans, which solely lies with NCDC.

“So we want to put the record straight that it is not the lands department who has given the approval to the development that’s taking place there.

“Secondly, the approval to the building is done by the NCD Physical Planning Board, and they would have seen the drawing which shows that it extends to the drainage reserve, they should have said to change the plans. (But) They went ahead and gave them the building permit,” said Allan.

Acting Chief Physical Planner with the Department, Linus Billy, says it may have been an oversight by the NCD Physical planning Board and hopes they can work together to address the issue.

“We have an ongoing, office of the Chief Physical Planner meeting and some of these things we will make mention of.

Acting Secretary of the Department, Tiri Wanga, called on the developer and others as well to be mindful of the regulations in the city.

He also said more interaction between the NCD Physical Planning Board and the Department was needed.

Cedric Patjole