Benny Allan

Infighting within Agriculture Department

Minister for Agriculture, Benny Allan, made this known in parliament yesterday.

The Minister was responding to questions raised by the member for Karamui-Nomane, Geoffrey Kama, who believes the secretary is being distracted from his duties.

Minister Allan attributed the complaints against Secretary, Dr Vele Pat Ila’va, to former officers.

He further said the position of the secretary for agriculture will elapse next month and the department is working closely with the minister for public service to advertise the position.

No parallel programs for agriculture: Minister

This is in response to the announcement by the Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry, Wera Mori, to revive rundown plantations through cooperative societies.

In September, Mori announced plans by his Ministry to spearhead the revival of rundown plantations through the cooperative society scheme, which had died out.

Yesterday, Agriculture Minister Allan said his Ministry and Department was mandated to oversee the sector.

Inaugural summit to focus on private sector

Agriculture Minister, Benny Allan, said this today when confirming the hosting of the three-day Summit next week.

He said the Summit aims to set the foundation for more consultation to improve the agriculture sector.

Minister Allan said for too long the Government has been working without much consultation with the private sector.

“Government cannot do it alone. It is the private sector who will grow the economy so that is why we, from the start, have left our doors open to consult with the private sector,” Minister Allan said.

Summit must focus on rural farmers: Group

The organisation made the call on its website recently, urging the summit to focus on the estimated three million rural farmers in the country.

This follows the recent announcement of the event by Minister for Agriculture, Benny Allan.

Author Eddie Tanago states that the summit must promote the expansion of industrial agriculture, which is driven by outsiders who want to dispose local farmers and exploit workers.

Agriculture secretary hails govt commitment

“I think the Government has finally got it right because in the last 30 years, we have been investing in mining and LNG but nothing was happening.    

“I thank this Government for putting agriculture as number one economic priority,” Dr Vele said.

Dr Vele revealed that in the Alotau Accord II, the Government prioritised agriculture, tourism and infrastructure compared to the previous term where the Government placed emphasis on education, health and infrastructure. 

VIDEO: CBB frightening

This is so that there is enough money to continue the fight in containing the destructive Coffee Berry Borer.
In the words of the new Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Benny Allan, the situation has become frightening.
It now comes down to getting more funding to get the necessary measures in place to stop the pest from reaching other coffee growing regions.


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Allan hands over title to Tkatchenko

This took place in a handover ceremony at the Department of Lands and Physical Planning in Port Moresby today.

Outgoing Minister Allan welcomed the incumbent minister in his speech, adding that he believes Tkatchenko will do what the department intends on doing to carrying out its vision and goals for the country in regards to lands and physical planning.

NCD does not need a land board

Lands Minister, Benny Allan, made the blunt statement on Thursday during a media conference in Port Moresby.

His comments follow several calls made by NCD Governor Powes Parkop, for the establishment of a NCD Land Board so that the NCDC can properly control and plan the development in the city.

Minister Allan said since the National Land Board is based in Port Moresby, there was no need to have a land board for NCD.

Land compulsory acquired due to “over sight”

Lands Minister, Benny Allan, announced today that a portion of the land, which is opposite the Star Mountain Plaza development, will be acquired claiming it is a oversight by the local municipal Government.

The compulsory acquisition came into affect as of yesterday on Section 17 Allotment 13 along the Hohola Freeway which is currently leased to developers, TJ Homes.

Allan describes Tkatchenko as ‘media obsessed person’

Minister for Lands and Physical Planning Benny Allan, when answering questions from Anglimp South Waghi MP Joe Koim, described the Minister for Sports and Culture, Justin Tkatchenko, as a media obsessed person.   

“Spots Minista i save go lo midia na bagrapim planti mahn,” (Sports Minister likes speaking to the media and has spoilt the image of many people), Allan said.

Tkatchenko, who was sitting right behind Allan, angrily shouted down his colleague minister.