K70,000 cash, 13 truck loads of food for Oro road accident victims

A total of K70,000 cash and 13 truckloads of food has been handed over to the haus-krai of the victims of the road accident in Popondetta on Monday.

The contributions was given by national employees of Higaturu Oil Palm Limited (HOPL).

The 6,900 workers contributed K20 each with some giving more towards the funeral arrangements.

The employees include those at HOPL, POPGA, OPIC and growers from Mamba down to Embi Estate.

One food truck will be given to each of the 13 victims.

Spokesman for the employees Ezekiel Baraha stressed that they were not there to represent any organization, but as fellow Papua New Guineans expressing their condolences in typical Melanesian way.

He urged the mourners not to expect too much from the government or the company involved, and not to try to politicise the current situation.

Meanwhile, a spokesman from the Haus Krai expressed deep gratitude to the group for their generous contribution.

It has been a week since the tragic accident and the relatives of the victims still remain at the Council Chambers while awaiting a response to their petition to HOPL.

The incident involved a PMV truck and an oil palm fruit truck which claimed 13 lives.

The mass burial will be done today.

Freddy Mou