K37.2m road opens at Morata

The 5.4 kilometre Magani Crescent road in Morata suburb was officially opened on August 16.

It was built at a cost of K37.2 million.

City Manager Bernard Kipit says the Magani Crescent road will improve the heavy flow of traffic during peak hours.

The road connects Waigani from Gerehu via the late Sir William Skate highway.

Kipit also hinted that a four-lane road will be built from Pitpit Street to the highway, making Morata an investment and development hub.

This project was made possible through a Bank South Pacific loan, while the name of the road will be changed at a later date.

Housing and Urbanisation Minister, John Kaupa, has called on Morata residents to cooperate with the municipal authority to make way for further developments, including the settlement to suburb upgrade program, other than court orders to stop developments.

In his speech, NCD Governor Powes Parkop told residents to become the change they want to see in the city.

He said they can build monuments and grand infrastructure, but all these will go to waste with attitude problems on the part of the city dwellers.

The Governor also gave an overview of his vision to make Port Moresby into a ‘Dubai of the Pacific’.

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