K1.5m for public servants’ housing

The Public Solicitor’s Office has made K1.5 million available for its staff’s accommodation.

The recently appointed Public Solicitor, Leslie Benjamin Mamu, presented a cheque to the YFIG Group of Companies on December 6th at the YFIG head office inside Kennedy Estate at Eight-Mile, Port Moresby.

The cheque was for the Institutional Housing Project, which will see the building of five houses in the Kennedy Estate compound.

This is the first of many to come.

The Public Solicitor plans to provide housing for all his lawyers and staff to ensure that accreditation is given to his office for the work that his subordinates do for the country and its citizens.

In their appreciation for the Public Solicitor’s decision to elect them as the housing and construction company, YFIG Group of Companies will give free water tanks and furniture to go with the houses that were purchased.

The Public Solicitor stated that the government and heads of public offices cannot expect a high prospective of productivity from their employees – public servants – while ignoring their welfare.

Mamu stated that one such important aspect of “welfare” is housing.

The Public Solicitor further extended a solemn invitation and appeal to the Government to look at such large massive projects such as the kind provided by YFIG Group of Companies and Kennedy Estate when considering housing for public servants.

Mamu respectfully stated that housing allowance for public servants is unrealistic. He mentioned that public offices and the government cannot continue to come up with more rules and expectations for public servants to get more productivity whilst ignoring the important aspect welfare.

He thanked the Department of National Planning for allowing his office to make this housing project concept a reality.

(Public Solicitor Leslie Benjamin Mamu during the presentation of the cheque)

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