IXP to attract global content providers

Papua New Guinea’s Internet Exchange Point (IXPs) that was launched today by the National Information and Communications Technology Authority (NICTA) will attract global content providers to PNG.

NICTA is facilitating the process for the establishment of an IXP in PNG as a means of addressing the issue of high retail internet costs and the quality of service in the country.

The IXP is a physical location where internet service providers (ISPs) connect to exchange local traffic with each other via a network switch.

The primary function of an IXP is to keep local internet traffic within local infrastructure so as to reduce the costs associated with traffic exchange between ISPs.

NICTA revealed during the launch that a total of 15 ISPs are signatories to the IXP Charter which is basically the governing rules and principals of the use and management of the IXP.

There are four ISPs already connected to the network switch and they’re Digitech, Datec, Speed Cast and Digicel with 11 others expected to come on board.

Interim president of the PNG IXP Group, Keith Anderson said it is good to see all ISPs in the country get behind this IXP.

Anderson explained that without an IXP, domestic internet traffic is forced onto long distance international links resulting in significant higher cost and latency.

He said by all local ISPs coming together and forming the IXPs, PNG now has a platform to get the bigger players to come on board.

NICTA manager international affairs Jackson Kariko said such infrastructure is vital to the internet eco system and provides many important benefits.

These include improved accessibility, affordability and quality of service for end users and ISPs.

Kariko highlighted that the IXP is expected to open new opportunities for local content development.

He acknowledged the support and cooperation from the local internet community and its stakeholders who have contributed to the project by means of hardware and other resources required to set up the neutral IXP facility.

Quintina Naime