Introduction for new UPNG intakes

It’s back to school for many students across the country.

And for the University of PNG, more than 800 students were warmly welcomed on Tuesday at the main Waigani campus in Port Moresby.

New intakes entered the next stage of their lives with wonder, excitement and nervousness.

They have successfully passed their secondary level of education and were given an introduction to university life as for most, UPNG will be where they will be spending the next four years of their lives.

UPNG’s main campus opened its doors for the first day of orientation, where this newsroom caught up with a few of the students.

Stanford Walehau – 1st year Business Foundation, said: “This place is very nice, the people when I interacted with them, I saw they are good. They talked to us, they greeted us, especially when we touched down at the Jackson’s International Airport, the students at the airport welcomed us. They did things that I’m really appreciative of and I’m very proud for this university.”

Science foundation student, Lillian Kata, said: “When I saw my name on the list, I was shocked and I was happy as well because it really took, like I studied, I was committed to my studies and out of many students, I was chosen so I’m very happy for that.”

Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, Nick Kuman, who was at the orientation, told the hundreds of students to take ownership of education.

He encouraged them to set their priorities right and use every opportunity to pursue their dream.

“The responsibility of learning is you, nobody else, it’s you. The challenge that I want to give you today is about responsibility,” stated the Minister.

“Take responsibility of your learning. Every other thing should be secondary to your life. By the time you complete your program, you are well prepared to face the real challenges of your life. Nobody else will be here for you. It’s you and you alone, it begins today.

“What you did in the last 13 years is to prepare you to be here. This is the real challenge where you have to prepare yourself to face the world; you are amongst the educated Papua New Guineans.”

He mentioned that the government has already allocated funding support for all higher education institutions across the country. This is to cover for students who are on the Tertiary Education Study Assistance Scheme (TESAS).

“K60 million by the close of registration for all the higher institutions,” he said.

UPNG’s chancellor Robert Igara encouraged students to explore the many options that are available in the university’s multi-disciplinary courses and programs.

Registration for new intakes commences this Thursday, February 6th, while continuing students will begin registration on Monday February 8th.

According to the School’s administration, 71 school leavers were accepted by the School of Law, 250 in the School of Natural and Physical Sciences, School of Humanities and Social Sciences accepted 281 and School of Business and Public Policy got 229.

Jim John