Intending candidates flock to submit biodata

Intending candidates for the 2017 National Elections have been flocking to the Electoral Commission headquarters in Port Moresby to submit their biodata, with the deadline today.

All intending candidates were advised to fill Form 29 - Candidate Biodata Form, from PNG Electoral Commission’s provincial offices or PNGEC Headquarters in Port Moresby.    

Candidates were at the headquarters as early as 8 this morning to submit their biodata and by mid-morning, the reception was packed with intending candidates jostling to hand in their forms. More than 100 have already handed in their papers.

One candidate, who borrowed a biro from a bystander, signed the back of his ID photo stating he would be standing for the Kerema Open seat. Another candidate, William Ekip Wii, a former member for Anglimp South-Waghi for only two years (92-97), had just submitted his biodata when Loop PNG caught up with him.

Ekip Wii will be standing for the Anglimp South-Waghi seat in the new Jiwaka Province.

In 1992, Ekip Wii stood under the PNC Party, however, when asked if he would still be with the party, he said no commitment had been made as yet.

“I am yet to be endorsed by any party.”

However, he alluded that there might be a new political party which might endorse, “but that’s confidential”, Ekip Wii said.

By midday, people were still flocking to the Electoral Commission headquarters at Hohola with their officers to submit papers which will go into the database of candidates to contest the National Elections.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said the early submission of candidates’ bio data, including photos, will help PNGEC in printing candidates’ posters for all polling booths nationwide.

"This is to ensure that when candidates nominate, their data is already in the system, thus making PNGEC’s job easier, taking into consideration an anticipated high number of candidates for 2017 elections," he said in a statement on the PNGEC website.

The submission of intending candidates’ biodata has kick-started the 2017 National Election.

Alfred Kaniniba