Improved training for Enga teachers

In Enga Province, early grade students will receive improved quality lessons as their teachers have completed an intensive training course on using Bilum Books textbooks and teaching guides.

The training was conducted in Wabag and offered teachers a valuable professional development opportunity that focused on using the Bilum Books Training guides to implement the Department of Education's Standards-Based Curriculum.

The Provincial elementary coordinator, Simon Kakeyo, noted that the training will equip early grade teachers with the necessary teaching skills for phonics, reading comprehension, writing, listening, and speaking in English.

Enga Provincial Education Adviser, Was Rowatina, emphasized the importance of providing quality education, and welcomed the collaboration between the Partnerships for Improving Education Program and the Provincial Department of Education in delivering the training.

He recognized Australia's role in providing targeted support for education in PNG.

Mr Rowatina reiterated the significance of training early grade teachers in teaching the Standards-Based Curriculum to support the 1-6-6 reform led by the Department of Education.

He emphasized the crucial role of early grade teachers in shaping the future of the country and the importance of such training in building their capacity to provide quality education.

The three-day training was facilitated by Bilum Books and supported by the NDoE through the Enga Provincial Education Department, with assistance from the PNG-Australia Partnership.

Loop author