Historic expansion of Nazarene Hospital

Papua New Guinea and Australia are funding the largest extension in the history of Nazarene Hospital in Jiwaka Province through the Incentive Fund.

The Incentive Fund, a partnership between the governments of Papua New Guinea and Australia, has provided K8 million, with the hospital providing K2 million of its own funding for the project.

The project includes a 70 percent increase in bed space for the Emergency Department; a doubling of surgical space for outpatients and the surgical operating theatre; a newly renovated ‘Krai building’; more storage for drugs; a new laundry; an additional obstetric ward and nursery, a new administration building and a dental clinic.

The hospital’s contribution to the project includes a new pharmacy and laboratory complex, maintenance yard and a biomedical incinerator.

The project is expected to be complete in June 2020. Located in Kudjip, it is operated by the Nazarene Health Ministries and is the province’s only hospital which serves a population of about 400,000 people. Annually, it serves 60,000 outpatients and has a critical need for expansion. 

The current project marks the third time the Incentive Fund has supported the hospital. In 2006, the Incentive Fund provided K6.2 million for a major upgrade and in 2011 provided K9.7 million to construct the hospital’s hydroelectric dam. 

Australian High Commission Minister, Counsellor Benedict David, officially launched the new works on May 2 and was impressed with the progress made less than a year after the project commenced. 

Following the completion of the project, the hospital is expected to see an increase in outpatients, improved access to services for women and children, a greater number of supervised deliveries and growth in the recruitment of qualified and trained female nurses. 

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