Hides situation tense but quiet

Security forces have moved out most of the land owners at the LNG Plant site in Hides, Hela province today.

A reliable source has confirmed that that despite the situation being tense, the land owners are cooperating well with the security forces.

Around 11am this morning, a good number of these land owners were escorted to the Juni area, about 20 minutes’ drive from site.

The land owners were escorted off from the site because they had come up with a grace period for a response to be given for their demand.

However a small number of land owners are still at the site – but police say the situation now is calm.

Initial reports stated that most of these people on site have been barricading entrance to the wells which they had recently shut down.

There were some road blocks that were erected also by landowners, showing placards illustrating the land owners’ frustration on not being paid the amount of K35 million owed to them for the PDL1 and 7 sites.

The LO’s demand that these monies be paid to them before the clan vetting can be carried out.

Security personnel from the Police and Defence force are still on site monitoring the situation.

Imelda Wavik