Gr 12 selection set for December

The selection for 2018 Grade 12 students to tertiary institutions is set for December 13th.

The selection will be done instantly in real time through the National Online Selection System.

The National Online Application System and the National Online Selection System allowed 28,582 Grade 12 students to register to apply online.

Of this number, 90 percent have made their choices while the other 10 percent have until December 13th to list their preferred choices of tertiary institutions and programs.

“They have time until the 13th of December, the final call,” explained Fr Jan Czuba, Secretary of the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology.

“I am personally impressed as I never expected a high percentage of students, especially in the remote areas to register and indicate where they want to study.”

The online application system allows students to have more preferences and also enables them to make amendments to their choices before the deadline.

“In terms of deadlines, student application will effectively close on the last day of November. On December 13th marks will be made available by markers where students will be able to access through their accounts online and make adjustments if they see they are not eligible, before the selection process starts electronically, with just a click of a button,” added Steven Matainaho, Deputy Secretary, Operations Wing, DHERST.

Both systems eliminate nepotism and bribery and ensure that all students have equal chances for further personal and professional development.

The Department is also closely monitoring the systems and confirmed students are actively using the Online Application System, accessing course information from all tertiary institutions and making their choices.

(Fr Jan Czuba, Secretary of the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology)

Carolyn Ure