Governor Peter welcomes court decision

The fight is finally over for the Central Provincial seat. Governor for Central Province Rufina Peter announced on Tuesday her election petition victory.

Attending court for disputed returns has set the governor back six-seven months in service delivery.

An elated Governor Peter said, “Yesterday was a day of victory for the people of Central Province a decision had to be made and it was made yesterday, this is because its 6-7 months of going through the court proceedings and that is a long time for work actual development work.”

She acknowledged former governor and election petitioner Robert Agarobe for practicing his democratic right to dispute the election results.

She thanked supporters of both parties for exercising respect throughout the proceedings.

 “I think most of the people in Central Province are talking about roads and bridges and so that’s the first thing that needs to happen to make sure the roads and bridges are maintained at the Hiritano Highway there are some major bridges are gone and I’m sure on the Magi highway similar are happening so roads and maintenance is important,” she said. “It’s so important that we work together because a lot of people constituents of central province maintaining our roads and bridges so they can travel, market and basic services.”

“The other urgent need is safe drinking water along the coastlines here have problems with this from Hiri-West and East and along the Aroma coast and big communities. They don’t have safe drinking water.”

Jasmine Iru