Government respects ruling

Police Minister, William Onglo, says the National Government respects and will comply with all decisions of the Court.

Minister Onglo said this in a statement following the National Court ruling nullifying the appointment of David Manning as Commissioner of Police and Secretary to the Department of Police.

The appointment of Manning was ruled unlawful by Justice David Canning’s on January 22nd.

In a statement Police Minister, William Onglo, said the Marape-led Government respected the decision of the National Court and will do its utmost best to comply with all and any orders issued. 

Mr Onglo made this statement following the National Court’s declaration on Friday that the appointment of Mr Manning as Commissioner of Police and Secretary to the Department of Police was unlawful and went on to nullify his appointment.

“We respect the decision of the court. Consistent with the orders of the court the National Executive Council will now have to convene immediately and take the necessary steps to ensure that there is no uncertainty in the superintendence, efficient organisation and control of the Police Force,” Minister Onglo said.

The Minister appealed to all members of the public and especially the Constabulary to respect the decision of the court. He reassured the people that the Marape-led Government will do what is required is as far as the position of the Police Commissioner is concerned.

On January 22nd Justice David Cannings, in a 51 page ruling said the appointment of Manning by the NEC on the 6th of December 2019 is unlawful.

Cannings said in his ruling that there was an error on the part of the Public Services Commission, in which there was an absence of highlighting the tertiary qualifications of the candidates vying for the top post.

Justice Cannings said Manning was not qualified to hold the office because he does not hold a degree certificate from a recognized University nor a post-graduate qualification. 

Manning has been ordered to vacate the office of the Commissioner of Police by midday 29th January 2021.

The ruling was made in a Judicial Review proceeding with Sylvester Kalaut and Fred Yakasa as the appellants.

Kalaut and Yakasa, including Manning, were shortlisted for the role of Police Commissioner before Manning’s appointment in September 2019.

Following the ruling, Commissioner Manning said he respected the decision of the court and will seek legal advice on a possible appeal.

He assured the country that the rank and file of the Constabulary remains intact and they will continue to perform their duties without disruption.

Cedric Patjole