Gov’t team tour Mugil Health Centre

Sumkar Member of Parliament during his recent electoral tour to Sumgilbar LLG, visited several health centres and aid posts.

When visiting the Mugil Health Centre on Friday 16 December, the nurses briefed MP Alexander Suguman of their challenges.

Sister-in-Charge, Christine Lamakati told MP Suguman and the visiting Sumkar District Development Authority team that the health centre is one of the biggest catchments in the district that serves the people of Boiga and Sumkar districts.

She said they needed a good water supply system, standby generators, hospital beds, staff houses and the need for more staff. Sr Lamakati added that they serve more than 60, 000 people at the health facility and the health centre must be elevated to a hospital to meet the needs of the people.

MP Suguman after visiting the health facility told the officer-in-charge of the health centre to write a formal letter stating the needs of the facility.

He said the hospital is under the Catholic Church Health Services but it is the responsibility of the Sumkar DDA to help improve the health facility.

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