German Medical Team Deployed To Nonga Base

A German emergency medical team (EMT) is one of four EMT’s deployed at the Nonga Base Hospital in Kokopo, East New Britain Province to help the COVID-19 response.

The CADUS Team were briefed a day before departing for Kokopo by the National Control Centre Emergency Team Lead, Dr Gary Nou and deputy Dr Kapua Kapua on what to know about PNG, East New Britain and the PNG health system.

CADUS Emergency Medical Team is a not-for-profit organization based in Berlin, Germany and its Government made their deployment to PNG financially possible.

“We thank the German Government for helping fund our deployment in PNG. We have been deployed in other parts of the world and this is our first time in PNG,” said Team Leader, Thorben Schulze-Hamann.

In the past, CADUS has been deployed to Namibia, Bosnia, Iraq and Greece for natural disasters and medical emergencies.

The 10-member team comprises of specialists in anaesthesiology, intensive care, surgery, nursing and paramedics and they will be based at the Nonga Hospital for three weeks, starting last Thursday, 25th November.

The provinces that have recorded high numbers and rates as high-risk group in the third wave of COVID-19 pandemic include ENB, while many other provinces, including most of the Highlands provinces have now moved to the medium risk.

Deputy Controller of the National Pandemic Response, Dr Esorom Daoni thanked CADUS for responding to PNG’s request for help.

He said that apart from their initial task the team should make time to visit Kokopo’s historical sites, as they would find that ENB has a long history with Germany.

Carol Kidu