Forging EU-Pacific partnership

The European Union’s partnership with the Pacific Islands goes beyond a mere relationship, it represents a commitment to a better future.

According to Lorna McPherson, Senior Vice President of Digicel PNG, during her opening remarks as Master of Ceremony for the 4th EU-PNG Business, Trade & Investment Conference this morning

The conference program featured three panel discussions, focusing on economic opportunities in Papua New Guinea, the Agri-business sector, and the green-blue economy. Following these panels, presentations will explore global business financing opportunities and marketing sessions in agriculture, fisheries, energy, technology, and e-business.

Ms McPherson stressed the untapped potential in the Pacific region, which is known for its beauty and unique culture. Areas such as fisheries, renewable energy, tourism, and innovation are ripe for development, but sustainability and responsible resource use are paramount.

The conference will address broader issues, including environmental challenges, education, healthcare, and technology, all of which are key drivers of economic growth.

Lorna highlighted the EU's pivotal role in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific.

She encouraged the EU to support regional integration among the Pacific Islands to address common challenges collectively.

The EU PNG Business Council was acknowledged for its significant role in promoting economic ties and cooperation between the private sectors in the EU and the Pacific.

Lorna emphasized that the conference's mission extended beyond economic prosperity; it aimed to build a sustainable, thriving, and united Pacific community. She invited active participation and insights from attendees, envisioning a partnership between the Pacific and the European Union that reflects shared values and a deep commitment to preserving the planet. The conference was set to inspire visionary discussions about the future of Papua New Guinea and the Pacific.

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