Focus on CS housing

While there have been requests for new PNG Correctional Services uniforms, the Commissioner’s priority is officers’ accommodation.

Commissioner Stephen Pokanis said K100,000 was allocated in 2020 to each correctional facility in the country to maintain their houses.

“Ok disla K100,000 em blo meintenens; ino meintenens tasol, mipla laik involvim ol karabus na ol woda we ol i gat disla teknikol skils, bai ol mekim wok blo mipla yet,” he stated. (This K100,000 is not only for maintenance, we want to involve inmates and warders with the technical know-how to do the job for us.)

“Sapos mipla kisim ol kontrakta autsait, em kost ba bikpla tumas. Na K100,000, em ken wokim tripla, fopla o iven tenpla haus.” (If we get outside contractors, the cost will be too high. Furthermore, this K100,000 can build three, four or even 10 houses.)

Pokanis said the funding will be disbursed in 2021 as well, saying after fixing CS officers’ housing, they will move on to the prisoners’ facilities.

(CS Commissioner Stephen Pokanis)

Carmella Gware