Expensive airfares to be dealt with

Minister for State Enterprises William Duma is confident that the change in the Air Niugini management will solve the problem of expensive airfare cost within the country.

Mr Duma said with the new management appointed by the Cabinet recently will look into some problems the airline company is facing.

Responding to questions from Manus Governor Charlie Benjamin, State Enterprises Minister William Duma confirmed that the airline is going through some difficult challenges.

“The cost of airfreight now also increased to 100 percent and our people cannot afford such increase.

“Can we get some clarity as to why such increase is so huge for our people?”

Minister Duma responded blaming the cost of fuel as the main reason for the increase of airfares.

“I can admit that the airline had been facing some challenges recently and such issue is one of them.

“With the new management appointed, issues will be dealt with accordingly.”

The Minister further reiterated that he will be presenting a full report in Parliament in the near future on the status of the airline company and what steps need to be taken to make the company productive again.

Freddy Mou