Drug Laws Tightened

The highest penalty for people trafficking illicit drugs into the country is Life imprisonment.

Parliament voted unanimously in favor of the “Controlled Substance Bill 2021” on Thursday, November 2nd 

This new law will bridge the gap of non-existence of appropriate laws to deal with such crimes.  

The law will prosecute those smuggling, being in possession and consuming illicit drugs in Papua New Guinea.  

Justice Minister, Bryan Kramer when presenting the bill in Parliament said the highest penalty for those trafficking illicit drugs into PNG will face life imprisonment.  

Shadow Minister for Justice Dr. Allan Marat who was in support of the bill, said those found to be trafficking dangerous drugs into the country must serve life imprisonment without parole.  

Governor for Oro, Garry Juffa also supported Dr. Allan Marat calling on a review of the Bail Act.  

The bill started consultation in 2018 and was finalized in 2020 after numerous reviews. 

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