Dept aware of nightclubs near schools

Whilst businesses have the right to operate, educational institutions must be taken into consideration.

The Department of Education is aware of concerns regarding the operation of nightclubs near learning institutions.

The most recent issue involves the purported illegal activities of Lae’s Swing Bar near the St Mary’s Catholic Primary School.

Education Secretary, Dr Uke Kombra, who was at Finschhafen recently for the opening of the Heldsbach early childhood and junior primary teacher training centre, said though it is out of the department’s jurisdiction, he believes requirements should have been met for the issuance of licences.

“There’s a complaint I had in Moresby as well. Somewhere outside of Port Moresby, there is a vocational training centre and they also laid complaints about a club right in front. Students would go out every weekend, or some weekends, to get drinks from that bottle shop.”

Dr Kombra said those who issue operating licences should be aware of the effects that such entertainment facilities would have on residents and especially students.

For Swing Bar, police investigations still continue into allegations that its VIP rooms are being used as brothels – an accusation that the club denies.

(Swing Bar is located opposite the St Mary’s Catholic School and near residential areas)

Carmella Gware
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