Connect PNG programme commended

Health Minister Dr Lino Tom and Deputy Prime Minister John Rosso emphasized on the significant positive outcomes that stem from the implementation and financing of the Connect PNG programme.

Minister Tom thanked the government for making the Connect PNG programme, one of its flagship programmes.

Dr Tom said, “To provide a fair platform on which services can be distributed equitably, I think road access provides that fair platform. It’s quite difficult for us to give services to people who are landlocked, to give services to people who are living out in the out-lying islands; it’s quite difficult without proper form of communication, proper access.”

The Health Minister says access provides that fair platform where every other citizen of this country can have access to government services.

Furthermore, Deputy PM John Rosso echoed Abau MP Sir Puka Temu’s sentiments, acknowledging that the programme has been a stimulus package for the country’s economy.

“Connect PNG is a prime example of what we’ve done to Connect PNG and stimulate the economy in this country. Connecting PNG, we‘ve just grown a hundred, made a hundred millionaires, hundred Papua New Guinean contractors, not any other contractor but Papua New Guinean contractors from all walks of life,” said Rosso.

The DPM added to Health Minister Dr Lino Tom’s appeal for local contractors to raise the standards to operating.

“These contractors too must stand up and be professional and grow to meet the expectations and standards.”

The Ministry for Works and Highways emphasize that the government prioritize expenditure areas so that PNG’s scarce funding resources can achieve maximum impact on the economy and the lives of the people.