Confirm acting commissioner: Association

The Correctional Services Employees Association has called for the confirmation of Stephen Pokanis to the role of Commissioner.

A recent advertisement of the position of the commissioner has prompted a show of support for the acting commissioner.

“Our show of support is not merely a political move but based on result-driven approach,” clarified the CS Employees Association national president, Daniel Mollen.

“I have a duty of care as an industrial representative to ensure harmonious working relationships are established between employees and the management of Correctional Service in order to achieve the organisational goals and aspiration.

“During the last six months, we have created an open, healthy dialogue with the Office of the Commissioner and had a fresh common understanding on issues concerning the welfare of the workforce as well as a way forward for the organisation. This is unlike previous management where both parties never had the opportunity to discuss issues of concern in a roundtable.”

The association said it will take a bold stand on Pokanis’ appointment as it is vital that the process does not produce results that will cause problems to the Department and its workforce.

“I am calling on the Government to seriously consider our call in order to maintain quality service delivery to the citizens of this country,” stressed Mollen.

“In his capacity as acting commissioner, we have witnessed stability and neutrality to members of the Correctional Service.

“We are mindful that the issues faced by the Department during Pokanis’ acting period are only inherited from previous management.

“Correctional Service needs a commissioner that understands the challenges affecting the wellbeing of Correctional officers at all ranks and file, including detainees.”

(Acting CS Commissioner, Stephen Pokanis)

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