Closure of PNG’s trade mission in Taipei

Foreign Affairs Minister Justin Tkatchenko announced today that the National Executive Council has made a decision to close down PNG’s Trade Mission in Taipei, Taiwan.

He said after an assessment was done on the office, a decision was reached that it was no longer viable to operate.

The move follows the termination of a PNG diplomat in Taipei last year for assaulting his wife in public.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Justin Tkatchenko: “We have done a full analysis over the last 12 months on the aspects of the office to see if it was viable economically. From the assessment of the Trade office in Taipei, from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, we’ve come to a conclusion that the office was no longer needed and will be setting up a new lower than what it was to ensure that we can have a better understanding between Taipei and PNG.

“The office will be closed. We will have a new office. It will be called PNG-Taipei economic office and a new position will be created for a business liaison officer to run that office and we will do that in conjunction with the Republic of China and Taipei.”

Loop Author