Chile APEC officials impressed

APEC officials from Chile have expressed excitement over the commitment by PNG in its preparation for the APEC 2018 Summit.

Chile APEC Coordination Authority CEO, Mario Artaza, said this during a tour of the APEC Haus in Port Moresby.

Artaza and officials from Chile are in PNG to see how the country is preparing for the Summit.

Chile will host the 2019 APEC Summit, its second time to do so.

The Chilean officials arrived in Port Moresby on Saturday and are currently touring the capital to witness preparations for next year.

Accompanied by APEC PNG Coordination Authority CEO, Chris Hawkins, Artaza says he is impressed.

“It is indeed very thrilling and very exciting to see the interest, the motivation, and the overall commitment that is being shown by the authorities of Papua New Guinea, in order to host a memorable and very unique APEC year.”

The South American country hosted its first APEC Summit in 2004.

“One  of the issues we want to discuss with the PNG team is how we can contribute to their efforts and to be one team given the fact that both PNG and Chile are APEC developing economies, given that both do have similar challenges faced by our communities, and given the fact that we are far away  in geographical terms.”

Artaza added: “These challenges remain and have to be accommodated in a very intelligent and comprehensive and strategic manner, and that’s also what we want to learn from the PNG host team.”

Cedric Patjole