Central government staff warned

“No more excuses" was echoed to staff of the Central Provincial Government today during a dedication service.

The service also comes following the Waigani Committal Court's ruling last week, where it dismissed the criminal case against Central Provincial Administrator Gei Guni Raga.

Public servants from the Central Provincial Government today took time off to dedicate the year and realign their priorities.

They were reminded they are tasked to attend to people in the districts and be innovative in the respective sectors in the province.

Provincial administrator Gei Guni Raga, who had his case dismissed last week due to lack of evidence during the Committal Court stage, said public servants have no more excuses but to do what is required of them by the government of the day.

“Enough of excuses. The message has come. We were dragged into all kinds of question marks because of my court case and the department was not really functioning and we were not really tuned with the government of the day.

“Everyone knew that the administrator was in court but now thank God, the decision was made last Tuesday. I was taken to court for protecting the people of Central Province, their money,” he said.

He said the interest of Central Province comes first over his.

As bureaucrats, he said they give best advice to guide and direct public servants to look after the interest of the people.

Raga said as public servants, they were hired to look after the interest of Central Province and provide a service that is required of them in their respective capacities.

“Let this be the new beginning of things to come. No more excuses I say. You must earn your pay honestly,” he added.

Sally Pokiton