Gei Guni Raga

Central government staff warned

The service also comes following the Waigani Committal Court's ruling last week, where it dismissed the criminal case against Central Provincial Administrator Gei Guni Raga.

Public servants from the Central Provincial Government today took time off to dedicate the year and realign their priorities.

They were reminded they are tasked to attend to people in the districts and be innovative in the respective sectors in the province.

Case against Central PA dismissed

Raga was in court over allegations of abuse of office since his arrest in August last year.

He was on bail of K5,000.

Police alleged Raga abused his office when he refused to pay K4.7 million to a company called Rumbam Engineering Limited for road works along the LNG impact villages of Boera, Papa, Lealea and Porebada.

Waigani Committal Court Magistrate, Cosmas Bidar, last week dismissed Raga’s case after his lawyer put to court that there was no case to answer to.

Flash flood warning for Central Province

The Central Provincial Administration, through the provincial disaster office, has urged villagers along the coastal areas and rivers, stream beds, drainage ditches and culverts to take extra precaution.