CCDA hopes to submit first proposal by April

The Climate Change Development Authority (CCDA) is hoping to submit Papua New Guinea’s first project proposals to access funding under the Green Climate Fund (GCF) by April this year.

The proposal must be submitted to the GCF Board to undergo screening before they can be approved for funds to be released.

CCDA is the national designated authority (NDA) that finalises and reviews the different project proposals for GCF deliberation.

CCDA acting managing director, Ruel Yamuna, said last year they had one that went through the GCF Board and was approved.

This was the renewable energy project under the Asian Development Bank, which is being rolled out within the region.

Yamuna said for this year, they are working with stakeholders and different implementation agencies to partner with accredited entities to get as much project proposals approved.

The GCF Board will hold three meetings this year, one in April, July and the final one in November.

“We are hoping to get at least one proposal to submit during the April meet and as much as we can for the next GCF Board meetings.

“There are different project types depending on the scope and the feasibility,” Yamuna said.

He added that the scope will determine the threshold so they are looking at between K10m to K250m.

This again depends on the duration of the project, the type of project and the work being done so far.

Quintina Naime