Climate Change Development Authority (CCDA)

MoU To Address Climate Change

Mr Lakain said Climate Change is rapidly evident around the globe, in the Pacific and Papua New Guinea, and it is necessary for people and responsible government agencies to take necessary actions to mitigate and adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change taking place.

He said it is important to build a rapport with NIPA and the signing of the MoU will provide a framework for both organization work.

CCDA launches action plan

The Plan includes a number of undertakings which must be completed before the end of the year.

Pundari made the announcement during a gathering hosted by the CCDA to welcome Pundari who was reappointed to the Ministry by the O’Neill led coalition.

He said over the next 100 days a series of prioritizations will be made on what areas need immediate attention.

Pundari said the prioritization will ensure that unnecessary costs are reduced and that there is alignment and cohesion within the CCDA in carrying out those objectives.

CCDA hopes to submit first proposal by April

The proposal must be submitted to the GCF Board to undergo screening before they can be approved for funds to be released.

CCDA is the national designated authority (NDA) that finalises and reviews the different project proposals for GCF deliberation.

CCDA acting managing director, Ruel Yamuna, said last year they had one that went through the GCF Board and was approved.

This was the renewable energy project under the Asian Development Bank, which is being rolled out within the region.

CCDA to receive JICA technical support

The investment is geared towards enhancing PNG’s capacity to develop a sustainable ‘Greenhouse Gas’ (GHG) Inventory System.

The funding will cover four years of technical support from JICA which will enable the CCDA to implement A GHG national inventory system which creates a structure of documenting the procedures and processes involved in creating GHG inventories and ensuring data, information, and assumptions are reported and archived.