Buka town rocked by armed holdup at store

Eleven masked men armed with M16 assault rifles walked into a Chinese-owned store in Buka town this morning.

It is still unknown whether the criminals escaped  with any money,  but according to eye witnesses numbering up to nearly a hundred people doing New Year’s shopping, they said the criminals were disturbed but as soon as police arrived on the scene they fled.

Guns shots from an M16 A2 weapon echoed around Buka town causing the public to panic while others were confused thinking it was fireworks. It was like a scene from a Hollywood movie as the criminals advanced into the shop.

According to the shop owners they have their own suspect whom they have been monitoring for some time now and it is believed that particular suspect may have mobilised his associates to stage this robbery.

This robbery according to some rumours from people in high level must be from frustration because of the shortage of cash in the only bank in Buka the BSP Buka branch. The Chinese don’t actually deposit their money in banks.

The cash flow of Bougainville is one of the best in the country until the Chinese came in to disturb it causing the bank to run out of cash.

Picture: Crowd watch as police move into the BCM Trading store

Peterson Tseraha