Bill vital for proper regulation

The Gaming Control Bill 2021 is under review and once approved will help to regulate gaming in the country.

Minister responsible for National Gaming Control Board, Manasseh Makiba when speaking to the Board and Management assured them of the review and when complete will be tabled in Parliament.

“The new bill will include proper regulation of other gaming such as casino, online gaming, sports betting lottery and other games,” Minister Makiba said.

He said the core functions of NGCB is to regulate all forms of legalized gambling activities and stop illegal gambling that will affect people’s lives.

He clarified that one casino license is given to Paga Hill Development Limited to support Government’s Special Economic Zone Development in Port Moresby on provisional basis to be reviewed in three years.

He said if no development of casino takes place by Paga Hill Development within three years, then the license can be revoked; and a floating casino by way of ships can be licensed to dock in Port Moresby wharf.

This he said is a trial on how casino will fare in PNG and if positive outcome then onshore casino will be developed as part of Special Economic Zone Development.

NGCB Chairman, Clemence Kanau assured Minister Makiba that the Board stands ready to work with his office to deliver tangible key government agendas and policy matters concerning the gaming industry. 

“The Board has set target to increase monthly revenue from K55 million to K100 million and this will be possible with introduction of online gaming and gaming tourism. We crafted out a business continuity plan that would satisfy the requirements of government,” Kanau said. 

Loop author