Awareness team attacked by drunk youths: Police

A COVID-19 LLG awareness team for Tetidu LLG, in Manus Province, was attacked by five youths who were allegedly under the influence of homebrew.

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the team went to Mataworei on Wednesday, May 20th, to conduct COVID-19 awareness when the drunk youths came into the area and started a fight then attempted to attack the government and police officers.

“Their actions had disrupted the awareness and the people attending the awareness were frustrated with their behaviour,” stated PPC Yapu.

PPC Yapu said the matter was reported to his office by the awareness team and on Thursday, May 21st, he dispatched a team to the area.

Police officers arrested four of the suspects whilst the other one escaped.

The PPC said he will not tolerate such behaviour and will ensure they face the full force of the law.

Chief Inspector Yapu appealed for respect for the COVID-19 awareness team who have been dispatched to each LLG to provide vital information on the pandemic.

He said he also sent his policemen to accompany the awareness team to the LLGs to provide security for them as well as take part in the awareness on SOE orders and general law and order issues.

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