Asylum seekers refuse to move

Nearly 600 asylum seekers at the Manus Detention Camp in Lombrum, Manus Province, are still refusing to move out of the closed down centre.

PNG Immigrations has lined up buses outside the detention centre, patiently waiting for the refugees to transfer them to the new location in Lorengau.

But according to Manus provincial police commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, who is currently on site, the asylum seekers are still inside the camp and are refusing to hop on the buses, protesting over their security at the new sites in Lorengau.

Yapu confirmed that despite their refusal to move out, water, electricity and food supply to the camp has ceased since 5pm yesterday, which was the deadline.

This means the asylum seekers are now living at their own accord at the Lombrum Detention Camp.

When asked if they will be forcefully removed, PPC Yapu said having no water, electricity and food supply should indirectly force them out of the camp and move to the new sites at Lorengau.

Meantime, Manus Governor Charlie Benjamin will address NGOs and Lorengau residents at 3pm today regarding their petition presented yesterday at the Manus Provincial Government office.

(Residents protesting against the closure yesterday)

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