80 cartons of counterfeit cigarettes confiscated

Up to 80 cartons of counterfeit Pall Mall red cigarettes were confiscated after the search of a suspected drug syndicate in Nawaeb and Kamkumung settlements early this week.

A lone policeman from Omili Police Station in Lae, with community leaders, conducted a walk through Nawaeb Block all the way to Kamkumung settlement when they approached suspicious movement of people in the area.

The group, upon realising that it was police, dropped some of the cartons they were carrying and made a run for it. 

Police and the community went through the area and retrieved up to 80 cartons of counterfeit Pall Mall red cigarettes. 

According to information received by Lae police, the counterfeit product was moved to the location by a truck, unloaded and was being sold to individuals who would use it or resell it at the local roadside markets. 

British American Tobacco security officials were called to Omili Police Station and confirmed that the cigarettes were counterfeit. 

Lae police said they have been receiving information of counterfeit cigarettes being sold on the streets to unsuspecting consumers. However, now the police have intercepted the trade, investigators will work alongside Customs and other stakeholders to find the source. 

Lae police boss Anthony Wagambie Jnr commended Constable Elias Labi of Omili Police Station, along with the six community leaders who worked with him to bring this trade to a stop. 

Annette Kora