3 years each for drug possession

Three men have been sentenced to three years each at the Bomana Prison for being in possession of illicit drugs in Port Moresby.

The three were identified as Andrew Onne, Maia Dipo and Paul Kowai all from Tapini in the Goilala District, Central Province.

Senior Constable Perry Kageni of the Special Services Division (SSD) said Magistrate Maristella Painap presided the case at the Boroko District Court on 12th November and sentenced the men.

Senior Constable Kageni said the three men were arrested and charged for being in possession of 24.5kg drug bags at the Nine-Mile Plaza outside Port Moresby.

“The drug bags were confiscated after police officers got a tip-off from an informant who saw the movement of the suspects as suspicious. The marijuana bags were confiscated by the McGregor based Mobile Squad 20 members whilst doing their normal patrol in the city,” he said.

Constable Kageni said the men were trying to take the marijuana bags to Sabama and distribute them to their respective dealers in Port Moresby when they were caught.

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