20-year rape sentence for father-of-three

A man who was involved in the abduction and gang rape of a woman from Chimbu, in 2015, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The 36-year-old father of three was earlier convicted by the Waigani National Court on three counts of rape.

Paul Supa was among 11 others who abducted the woman as she was returning from the Six-Mile market on 18 October, 2015, where they raped her.

Excessive use of violence with guns and knives were used to threaten her, fortunately, her relatives came to her rescue.

Justice Martin Ipang, in handing down his sentence, says despite the country being full of resources, law and order remains a big issue.

One of those issue is rape, which demonstrates that men still do not have respect for women when they are supposed to be protecting them.

“The victim was returning from Six-Mile market when she got abducted. We talk about freedom of movement yet the other gender cannot exercise such here.

“In other countries women move freely. If you have a sister, you wouldn’t want your sister raped. You’d want her to walk freely,” Justice Ipang added.

Supa has been in remand for two years since his arrest, awaiting trial. That time is being deducted from the 20-year sentence. He will now serve 18 years at Bomana.

Sally Pokiton