“Citizens Must Take Ownership”

Police Minister, William Onglo and Police Commissioner, David Manning have jointly called on citizens to take ownership of the electoral process in the coming 2022 National General Elections.

Commissioner Manning said the success of the elections will depend on the citizens, in ensuring that citizens exercise their democratic right safely and fairly.

Election- related deaths in Papua New Guinea is almost normal for every other National General Election.

As the country prepares to issue writs at the end of April, Police Minister William Onglo said Elections in the country has always been volatile, especially in the highlands region. 

While the Police hierarchy say they are ready to assist the Electoral Commission provide security, Police Commissioner David Manning has urged Papua New Guineans to assist in taking ownership.

“To our people, we need to take ownership of the electoral process. We also need to take ownership of our security which is ultimately is your democratic right. The success of it depends on our people,” Commissioner Manning said.

Minister Onglo also echoed the same sentiments, calling on stakeholders to get involved.

“As much as possible, I call on you all to assist us to run this election. All the church groups, institutions, business houses, provincial government and the media

Jemimah Sukbat